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PSVMA is committed to raising awareness by bringing you the latest information on animal issues vital to our community.

Animal cruelty and disaster preparedness issues aren’t typically presented at traditional veterinary conferences, but both are central to our lives as veterinarians. Our conferences focusing on these topics bring you valuable insight and information to help yourselves, your animals and your community.

Animal Cruelty Education

Although we’re all trained to help animals, it’s ironic that we receive little or no animal cruelty education. Can you recognize abuse? Where can you report it? Does reporting put you at risk? What should you document? Veterinarians are central to the animal cruelty issue, yet we are historically uninformed.

PSVMA is changing that through its Animal Cruelty Education (ACE) conferences. Our Animal Cruelty Education committee organized four conferences so far to jump start interest and education. Because of overwhelming popularity and need, we are committed to continuing the ACE program. Stay tuned for details of upcoming events.

Disaster Preparedness Education

We all saw the devastation from Japan’s earthquake. PSVMA wants to know what else we can do for our community’s animals and animal hospitals in order to be best prepared? Who will run the show when natural disaster strikes?  How do we coordinate animal rescue? As veterinarians, what should we do to prepare? What will happen to the animals? Having a stash of food, water and medications isn’t all you need in case of disaster.

PSVMA plans are in the works to bring you disaster preparedness education and resources that will lessen your dependence on others, and increase your ability to offer assistance to colleagues who suffer more damage should a disaster strike our region. We’ll keep you informed as our plans evolve.

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash