We hope that your experience with your veterinarian is everything you desire, but we know that sometimes clients have concerns that lead to a dispute.

Your Veterinary Experience

The Puget Sound Veterinary Medical Association has no disciplinary or enforcement authority. Our primary function as it relates to client-veterinary disputes is to facilitate communication between the client and the veterinarian so that concerns or issues can be resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

How We Assist in Resolution

In most cases, clients resolve their own disputes by initiating communication through a well-written letter clearly stating their concerns and requesting dialog. If we receive a written letter from an unhappy client concerning one of our members, we will assign the case to a committee member who will contact the veterinarian. After that, we will be in contact with you as the situation evolves.

Please mail your letter to:

PSVMA Professional Relations
218 Main Street, #126
Kirkland WA 98033-6108