Resources for Veterinarians

Governance of the Practice of Veterinary Medicine

Revised Code of Washington or RCW

Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry

Veterinary Practice as it Relates to Human Organizations and Low-Income Households

Washington Administrative Code or WAC

Veterinarians and Veterinary Board

Veterinary Technician

Registered Veterinary Medication Clerks

What Tasks Licensed Technicians and Unlicensed Assistants Can Legally Perform

Veterinary and Technician Licensing


Animal Regulations

King County

Seattle Municipal Code – Everything Animal

Seattle Municipal Code – Animal Control

Seattle Municipal Code – Keeping of Animals, Land Use


Seattle Code – Rabies Vaccination

Seattle-King County: Animal Bites & Suspected Rabies Exposure

Current Rabies Activity in Washington State

Washington Law

Washington Dept. of Health Public Information on Rabies Vaccination

Standards of Care

Animal Shelter Standards of Care

Feline Vaccination Protocols – AAFP

Feline Practice Guidelines – AAFP

Dog and Cat Vaccination Recommendations – WSU

Consensus Statement on Antibiotic Use – ACVIM

AAHA Guidelines

AAHA Positions and White Papers

Practice Tools

AAHA Universal Microchip Look-Up

Five-Minute Cat Spay

Esterilsol: Non-Surgical Dog Neuter Product

The Doney Memorial Clinic Helps Pets in Need

National Animal Poison Control Center

Disaster Preparedness for the Veterinary Practice

Miscellaneous Interesting & Useful Things

Veterinary Schools in the US

Esterilsol: Non-Surgical Dog Neuter Product

Tufts University – Hoarding