Free Health Exam Program

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Participation in the PSVMA Free Health Examination Program supports local pet adoption, and your donation of time and service can help you attract new, returning and existing clients who have adopted a new pet.

Giving Back to our Community

What is the PSVMA Free Health Examination Program?

The PSVMA Free Health Examination Program is a community service for newly adopted animals. The certificates are distributed only by authorized organizations, and new owners must call for an appointment during office hours, and within seven days of adoption. Although the office visit is not restricted to a healthy pet exam, the certificates can only be used for the health exam. They are not valid for emergency visits and do not cover hospitalization, treatments, medications or vaccinations.

How Can My Adoption Organization Apply for the Program?

  1. First, make sure your organization is eligible by reviewing the PSVMA qualifications for participating organizations
  2. Please send all documents in one package either by email or by mail. Email the documents requested along with a cover letter of inquiry.
  3. If you’re unable to email all of the documents, please mail copies to PSVMA Free Health Examinations

Your request will be reviewed at the next scheduled monthly Executive Board meeting. If you do not hear back from us within six weeks, please feel free to email an inquiry regarding the status of your application.

How Do Clients Find Me?

The certificate is designed to direct owners of newly adopted pets to our website where they can use the Find a Vet feature to search our member directory for veterinarians who accept the free health exam certificates. Only PSVMA members are included in our database.* If you agree to participate when you join PSVMA or renew your membership, your directory listing will be included in the search results.

Don’t Forget to Customize Your Profile!

Members are also entitled to an Enhanced Directory Profile that will provide more information about you, your practice and your interests so that prospective clients can “meet” you on the PSVMA website.

Who Distributes and Receives the Certificates?

Only authorized organizations can distribute the free health exam certificates to adopters of new pets.To prevent unauthorized organizations or individuals from distributing copies of the certificates, we distribute them each year with the “Agency Adopted From” name pre-printed on it.

Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash